Since 21.4.2011 I'm a Handmaker of the Desigual Shop in Leipzig.You could customize your stuffs from this shop to an unique fashion pieces.


The opening night was fantastic: Special wishes for WERK2, TheaterPACK, the artists, and all,who did their best for the Fashion-Theatre!

Review here.

On 29th april you could enjoy the Fashion-Theatre Show in WERK2 again, with more new fashion of Bianca Bannach.


HP Life about Fashion Illustration Bianca Bannach

In 11 days is Opening Night:
DER LETZTE SCHREI, stage from TheaterPACK, a play, with fashion from Bianca Bannach and Weeresak Karnchung. Ticket order in WERK 2 .


Free work with Fotoloft Leipzig and Marcel Hampel.

On 1st April 2011 you could enjoy a Theatric Fashion Show from TheaterPack in Leipzig, with fashion from Bianca Bannach.


Dear all,

I wish you the best for the New Year 2011. Don´t forget: Be yourself!

Here a lovely comment to one of my products, from Mon Potpourri.


After 13 months the fashion brand Bianca Bannach closed her shop in the passage Mädler-Passage.


Pics of the event "Come in and pimp your style, from the photograph Sven Winter:


The resonance of my event "Come in

and pimp your style", with Hair by Hentschel and Sven Winter was great.

First pics: LVZ-Online



business shirts for womens and mens


Exhibition of the artist Franziska Anna Faust and her steal-plastics: 30.8. - 12.9.2010


You have the chance to look for her sculptures on Friday, the 3th of septmber, from 11am - 12pm.

Of course, itś possible to enjoy her sculptures on the opening days from my shop.


NEW Dawanda Shop:


SMART WaveGotik Edition


Outdoor: Illustration from Bianca Bannach

Indoor:  Handpainting

Video: Leipzig Fernsehen


Next week you will see a Wave-Gotik Edition...Wait and see!

At the time of Whitsuntide in my Showroom/Designshop my fashion photograph-team will have an exclusive photo exhibition:

Exhibition Silent View - 20.5. - 23.5.2010

Thursday - Friday  11 am - 7 pm

Saturday              11 am - 6 pm
last update: 13. 05. 2011
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