WorkshopS Bianca Bannach 2010



Your blouse need a new "make-up"?
Are you looking for an special stuff?

Many women have a favourite dress which needs a new make-up. My workshop won`t be a classical sewing seminar, but a creative cometogether.

The participants of my workshop can change their clothes by using different technics and creativity with the help of me and other professionals. You will take home a completely new piece of individuality made of their old clothes.

Also the business woman can free her mind from the workroutine which enables her to get new ideas.


Wednesdays, 6pm - 10pm

2-4 participants


140,00 per person without tax, for 4 hours workshop (incl. materials,coaching, drinks)



Do you want to be fashion designer?

Do you love illustrations?

The demand on customization increases. Many women dreamed of working in fashion, but changed their ideas of careere. With the help of the workshop the customer will be integrated in the process of designig and patterning.

It won`t be a classical sewing seminar, but the dream of becoming a fashion designer can come true.

The participants bring their own ideas and/or look for inspirations in fashion magazines for their own dress modells.

With the help of the designer ideas will be put on paper. Then the finished patterns are brought in fabrics or paper on the dress form. A custom tailer will support the effort.

All participants will receive a portfolio with all the drawing at the end of the workshop.

If so requested the developed patterns can be customized by a tailor within the next few days (not included in the workshop price).


Friday, 11am - 7 pm

1-2 persons


330,00 per person without tax, for 6 hours WORKSHOPdeluxe (incl. Brunch and drinks)

Booking of all Workshops

Gabriele Pagels, Travel & Event Management, Kreuzstr. 14, 04103 Leipzig,, 0341/23102977

last update: 29. 08. 2010
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